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Nomini is my attempt to capture the core of Nomic in a nutshell.

Nomic is an experimental game by Peter Suber, the author of The Paradox of Self-Amendment. Nomic is a game where the core action you take is changing the rules and deciding how they should be applied. Depending on the whimsy of your player group, it lands somewhere between "Calvin Ball for Rules-Lawyers" and "C-SPAN: The LARP."

Peter Suber's Initial Ruleset is more than sufficient to get a game of Nomic started, but I've found that it can be at once a facilitator for play as an obstacle to it. It's rather long, which, in a game that's all about the rules themselves, can turn away some players. It can be hard and slow work to make the game your own and the game starts with a large set of assumptions.

These are the things I tried to address when writing Nomini.

  • There are only eight rules which all fit on one page
  • Changing the rules is faster, easier and more powerful
  • The rules pare things down to two actions: Motions and Judgment
  • The rules are ambiguous where possible to encourage creativity
  • Nomini is an 'eternal' Nomic, with rebooting and branching in mind

Give it a try! You can even use these forums if you like! Join the eternal playtest, currently in its second iteration: https://discord.gg/DPUQ9b37rV

Nomic is the original creation of Peter Suber. The Nomini gavel icon is derived from Lorc's "Gavel icon" and was created on Game-icons.net.


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